Thursday, June 29, 2017

Phillippine Bohole Island

Ready ?

Bohol island is located in the center of Philippines.
Maybe you've heard a name of the island 'Mindanao' which is reported in TV news about recent terrorism by IS, Bohol is just in front of Mindanao across the Bohol Sea. While we are enjoying diving in Bohol nobody mentioned these terrorist incidents even by local diving staff. It is peaceful and quiet place
where Bohol is located
There is a popular diving and resort spot named Balicasag Island that is very small isle. which is a few km south of the Bohol island. It has a nice seashore, beautiful corals with blue seas which attract many visitors from Japan, HongKong, Korea and mainland China.
Since the rapid current is streamed into the area from the south sea, the underwater world is much attractive than the surface, this stream brings in rich plankton, and fish come seeking them to eat.
bigeye trevally
Other hands, rapid current sometimes dangerous for divers, it takes away so fastit is difficult to swim against the flow. We usually take drifting dive, we leave ourselves in the flow and remain drifted. Only the stream knows where we are going, which means our destination to reach is not determined beforehand.
A boat must follow us but sometimes it can not be made because there are so many boats at the area and divers in the water, the boat can not track their customers just seeing the bubbles of the divers.
Turtle comes to us
When we stop diving, dive guide calls us to collect in one place while drifting in the water and he raises a float from underwater to let our boat know where we are and finish diving and invite to pick us up. Sometimes we have to wait for several minutes for us to be discovered by our boat, that time is sometimes insecure.
It is required to be an experienced diver. A few years ago, in Balli Indonesia, boat driver lost his customer divers while drift diving and they were gone.

However, drift diving gives us a lot more fun than usual diving, we can enjoy meeting huge numbers of big fishes.
Eye contacted
This time, we met bigeye trevally, a tremendous number of fishes turned into a tornado and swirling around us. I was in the center of a tornado, they come close to me, fish and I watch each other with eye contacted. What an experience.
The tornado will never end at any moment and it will be replaced to a new tornado.  This is a movie of tornado and me.

For a while, I was forsaking myself staring at the tornado.
I was staring at the tornado for a while
Of cause, there are also lots of sea regulars.

 As usual, sunset on the sea is breathtakingly beautiful.

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