Friday, March 3, 2017

Visiting Hiro's Reef in Papua

Zero gravity
At the last dive in Tufi resort Papuanyuginia 2016, our diving guide told us that we can name this reef since there's no name on it.
I raise my hand and said 'we want name it as Hiro's Reef'  Hiro is my name.
Some of our colleagues booed it,but could not give any good alternatives, I declared we named here as Hiro's Reef.
This time, the diving destination was selected to revisit our named reef.
Like a juery box
However, Jan. 4th this year, I took prostatectomy operation, and was in the hospital for about 10days, I was scared if I can dive within one month after the operation.  My doctor can not tell the firm positive answer if it is completely safe or not, it is fully my own risk.
I will be age 75 in April, in Japan, age 75 is a year to be treated as an elder person, this is a kind of my challenge for healthiness to go diving.
changing its color when get angry
Always it never betray our expectation the under sea world in Papua, Hiro's Reef was also unchanged, beautiful.
Please enjoy the scenery of the diving spot as follows.
Flying over the corral
With local dancers from the village

Formation flight

divers and local staff
The oldest is age 80

When taking picture, you must stop breathing
Like a gold fish

 Next day we get back to Japan, it starts the planning the next diving trip
in June, some are already put a reservation to Phillippine.

Beautiful sun rising on the pacific
I want come back soon 

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